Dear All,

Today I had planned on spending time getting to know this blog. That didn’t happen.
Instead I finished work, then I spent the evening with my family.

You see I don’t get to spend that much time with my family.
Something that is self inflicted I have to admit, this as I moved to the UK and left them back in Sweden.
But it does mean that whenever I get a chance to spend time with them I will prioritise that. Sorry any future letters that might stay unwritten due to this reason.

But as it’s Christmas time, meaning I will spend a lot of time with my family anyway, I’m sure I will be able to put aside some more time learning about this new hobby of mine. Trying to make it more interesting.

Photos, that’s something I feel need to be included. The issue is I’m not great at taking pictures on a day to day basis. Homework from me to me I guess.

But now it’s late and I have work tomorrow so I will work on that another day.