Dear Boyfriend

Annual leave

Dear Boyfriend,

Finally this Wednesday has come to an end, meaning that this work week has come to an end for us. Short work weeks for the win.

Tomorrow we start our little mini holiday and I’m so excited. I’v been looking forward to spending a long weekend walking around exploring new places and eating lots of delicious food with you.

I like that we have a few things planned that we want to do but most of the time has been left open to do whatever we feel like that day. Nice, relaxing and exciting all at the same time.

The fact that it’s my birthday during this time kind of helps too. You’re awesome at finding me great gifts so I’m looking forward to opening them all. When we come back of course, because carrying them with is just unnecessary faff. But it means I have something to look forward to when we come back and that’s just as exciting!

I have packed, sorted the flat out and painted my nails. I’m ready to go.

One more sleep to go! See you in the morning.