Dear All

Another one, can you believe it?!

Dear All,

In my last post I mentioned my struggle to post on here as I worry too much about if my content is perfect or not.

It might seem silly but it can be so hard for me to get going with a post as I usually know how to start, there is something I want to tell, but then I feel like I need to tell the complete story and can’t miss anything out so I get too stuck in the details. The posts become too longwinded and I sidetrack myself with minor details resulting in needing to write even more to explain where those details fit into the bigger picture.

Let me tell you, it’s exhausting!

So that’s where I struggle and my anxiety gets the better of me, resulting in me failing to post any updates. But here we are, the second post within a few days from each other. Now I just need to keep the ball rolling.

We might be over halfway through January already but in the coming days I am going to sit down and try and plan what I want this year to look like and what routines I want. Blogging being one of them.

So I will try and set somewhat of a schedule for posting, or at least for when to sit down and writing something down.

So with that in mind, hopefully I’ll see you again in a few days.