I did it again

Dear all,  So I did it again, I just stopped and took forever to get back to it. I even some more posts written that I never ended up posting.  I don’t like that this is what I do, who I am. I find it hard to pick things up again after a break. Even […]

Another one, can you believe it?!

Dear All, In my last post I mentioned my struggle to post on here as I worry too much about if my content is perfect or not. It might seem silly but it can be so hard for me to get going with a post as I usually know how to start, there is something […]

Back again

Dear All, Right, so let’s try this again. New year new challenges and all that. It’s been a while since I typed anything out and lots has changed both with me and the world. And yet many things still feels so similar. I will assume as far as what’s currently going on in the world everyone […]

A little something about me

Dear all, So until a few days ago you might have noticed there have been a few months without any letters. I have anxiety and the last few months haven’t been the easiest. My anxiety has been more prominent than usual and as such I’ve spent my energy on the day to day things that […]

Chilled Saturday

Dear all,  Breakfast in bed is happening right now. Having a lovely and chilled start to my day, all because I don’t have to go for a run today. Being organised and doing that earlier in the week has definitely paid off. Makes me think I should be organised more often… I still have some […]

Time away

Dear all,  Sometimes some time away is exactly what is needed. It’s now been a week since I came back after a long weekend away and I still live off the feeling that it has left me with. Some new scenery, discovering new adventures with someone I love is definitely something I want to do […]

Tomorrow = Reality

Dear All, Today has been my last day of so called freedom, tomorrow it’s back to work and reality after the Christmas holiday. That energy I was talking about yesterday has already started to fade. Trying to work out a way of keeping it with me for a while longer. One thing that I feel […]


Dear All, I feel like I have energy for things at the moment. You know that feeling of focus and a want to sort things. It’s rare but feels so good everytime it resurfaces. When I feel like this I tend to plan more and organise things in my life. I also look forward to […]


Dear All, Today I had planned on spending time getting to know this blog. That didn’t happen. Instead I finished work, then I spent the evening with my family. You see I don’t get to spend that much time with my family. Something that is self inflicted I have to admit, this as I moved […]

No 1

Dear All, First post and it might seem silly but I’m a bit scared. This is quite a big step for me, a blog being so personal, but I am looking forward to get stuck into it. I used to be quite a creative person but now all I seem to do when I have […]