You’re moving in soon

Dear Boyfriend, Not long until you move in now. Only 48h to go and I am very excited. Last weekend was very productive with an IKEA trip resulting in a ton of furniture arriving on Sunday morning. Sunday will therefore be exclusively devoted to building as much of this as we can and you know […]

Two years

Dear boyfriend,  Today we celebrate two years together! Who would have thought that some very odd first text messages would lead to this. I’m so happy that you are part of my life and now that you are it would be so weird to imagine it without you. Very soppy letter this but that is […]

Annual leave

Dear Boyfriend, Finally this Wednesday has come to an end, meaning that this work week has come to an end for us. Short work weeks for the win. Tomorrow we start our little mini holiday and I’m so excited. I’v been looking forward to spending a long weekend walking around exploring new places and eating […]


Dear Boyfriend, Tonight we are going to see your first ever musical. Hairspray wasn’t the musical I had planned on using to introduce you to this magical world of show. It was always meant to be Avenue Q, but if Hairspray is in town and my flatmate isn’t I’m afraid Hairspray it is. I remember […]

Between Christmas and NYE

Dear Boyfriend, Leaving Sweden behind is always a tad sad, however this time I was also very much looking forward to coming back to the UK. I’ve had a lovely few days with you, celebrating our belated Christmas together. You’re so good at finding me quirky little gifts and the surprise stocking in the morning […]