On my own

Dear flatmate,  Or should I now say ex-flatmate?! It’s now 24h since you moved out and it’s starting to feel weird. But I guess that’s just normal after three years of seeing each other all the time. I am actually quite looking forward to our weekend of cleaning this place now. Not so much for […]

End of the flatmate era

Dear Flatmate, And so we have reached the end of our time as flatmates. Tomorrow you move out. It is very odd to think about this being the end and I don’t think I have quite realised yet that we have reached this day. The summer has been going way too quickly. It might be […]

Countdown to race day

Dear flatmate, It is the week of our 10k race! We have trained, sweated and loudly complained whilst training for this. But trained we have and we are actually ready for it. It will be my first proper race and I am actually excited now. Can’t believe that it has come around this quick. When […]

Failed donation

Dear Flatmate,  Today I went to give blood. Only my third time doing so but first time on my own. Giving blood is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but then uni happened and it got postponed for no good reason really. But finally I have started and I book the next […]

Just me

Dear Flatmate,  I am now on my third night alone in the flat since you left for your month of adventure. As much as I like my own space I feel like I have done this now. You can come back. It is weird, I used to love my own company and having peace and […]