Work focus

Dear Mum, The last couple of day’s I have felt like a proper grown up. Woke up early to publish a work thing at 7am, then went into my usual office and did a half day there. Instead of having lunch I then jumped on the train to London, small suitcase in hand like all […]

Snow day

Dear Mum, Two days ago I had my first ever snow day! Can you believe it? A day where you get to stay at home due to snow. It took me 27 years to get to this day! That’s what happens when you move from a country that is used to dealing with lots of […]


Dear Mum,¬† Yesterday we talked on the phone for over 2,5h without even realising. I love it when that happens.¬†Talking about lots of random things, some subjects deeper than others, and time just flies. All of a sudden it’s 8 o’clock and I haven’t even had dinner yet. I left that conversation feeling energised and […]