Dear Mum


Dear Mum, 

Yesterday we talked on the phone for over 2,5h without even realising.

I love it when that happens.¬†Talking about lots of random things, some subjects deeper than others, and time just flies. All of a sudden it’s 8 o’clock and I haven’t even had dinner yet.

I left that conversation feeling energised and a want to do things. Not because we talked about anything in particular I needed to do, it just made me happy speaking to you and that gives me energy.

So today I have been efficient and done things when I got home from work, instead of feeling too tired and just spend the evening watching netflix. I went for a run, I sorted all the dishes, took Christmas decorations down, tidied both my room and the living room etc. Now I intend to do some admin tasks that are needed, but that shouldn’t take me long.

And at the end of it all I still have a couple of hours to just relax before bed time. I wish all days were like this.

So thanks for yesterday, I shall speak to you again soon.