Dear Flatmate

Failed donation

Dear Flatmate, 

Today I went to give blood. Only my third time doing so but first time on my own.

Giving blood is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but then uni happened and it got postponed for no good reason really.

But finally I have started and I book the next session as I leave, so that I can make sure they are as close together as humanly possible. I am so happy to be doing this, it really is so important.

So I was excited to go today. Unfortunately I left there having not been able to donate the amount needed.

Apparently the way the needle was inserted didn’t agree with my vein and so the bag was not filling up quickly enough. Something that hasn’t happened the other two times.

I left feeling heartbroken which was something I was not expecting. Now I’m home again I’m still feeling incredibly sad. It really is weird how things can affect you.

This wasn’t my fault, not anything I could have done differently, yet I feel completely deflated.

Now I know how you felt when you weren’t able to donate last time. It really is devastating, trying to do something good, get there and then something comes in the way.

But next session is booked. This time for the both of us. I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed.