Dear Boyfriend


Dear Boyfriend,

Tonight we are going to see your first ever musical.

Hairspray wasn’t the musical I had planned on using to introduce you to this magical world of show. It was always meant to be Avenue Q, but if Hairspray is in town and my flatmate isn’t I’m afraid Hairspray it is.

I remember watching the movie remake with my mum at the cinema 10 years ago, and I fell in love instantly. Since then I’ve been dying to see the live musical. And today is that day.

I am so very excited and I’m pretty sure I will bounce instead of walk to the theatre this evening. I apologise for this in advance.

Thanks for coming with me even if this isn’t your thing, but I secretly hope that a part of you will love it. Or even just kind of like it.

I shall see you this evening with tickets in hand.