Dear Anxiety,

My anxiety always goes up and down, as it has for the last couple of months. But despite this I am consistently feeling very happy and content with life so far this year. More so than usual. I don’t know why I’m feeling happier than normal but I’m not about to question it, it’s a great state of mind to be in.

This doesn’t mean that on anxiety ridden days things don’t get me down and feel tough to deal with, but it’s been a lot easier to get back to normal again. Because that happy feeling is still making itself known even when I’m feeling down due to anxiety. It’s a bit of a weird one but it works.

I’m also trying to sort some things out and get things organised. Me, like many others have begun the Marie Kondo process of sorting things out. Clothes, books and papers are done so far. I intend to start the next phase soon.

But until then I am incredibly pleased with my neatly folded clothes every time I open my drawers. And I do find it quite therapeutic folding my things after they’ve come out the wash.

So here’s to happy feelings and fingers crossed that I can keep it up for a while.