Dear All,

First post and it might seem silly but I’m a bit scared.

This is quite a big step for me, a blog being so personal, but I am looking forward to get stuck into it. I used to be quite a creative person but now all I seem to do when I have some time over is watch Netflix. I hope this will get me out of this habit.

This might not be the most intriguing thing you’ve ever read but please be patient whilst I find my feet with this new project of mine.

But be warned, I might be in my mid twenties but I do act like an old lady most of the time so don’t expect to hear of too many exciting adventures. You are more likely to hear about my tea drinking, snacking and how I’m thinking about taking up knitting (so I can do something useful whilst watching Netflix) than any skydives.

I have chosen to write this blog in the style of letters, addressing it to whoever I would want to tell a specific thing. This one being for anyone that finds it. I’m sure that more and more categories will be added as I go, but I’m starting out with only a few and will try not to become too scattered.

So this is it, first letter done. That wasn’t too bad, now I just need to hit publish. That’s a bit more scary. And then I guess I should tell people that this thing exists. That’s the most scary bit. I will sleep on that one.