Dear Flatmate

On my own

Dear flatmate, 

Or should I now say ex-flatmate?! It’s now 24h since you moved out and it’s starting to feel weird. But I guess that’s just normal after three years of seeing each other all the time.

I am actually quite looking forward to our weekend of cleaning this place now. Not so much for the actual cleaning, more because we get to spend 24h together.

But that’s two weeks from now. Until then I’m on my own. But after that it’s not long until the boyfriend moves in.

I am so excited for that! And this weekend has been quite productive in preparing for that, much more so than I anticipated.

We have set up accounts for electricity, water and chosen our broadband provider. We’ve also looked at what furniture we want/need and taken measurements around the flat to see where things would fit best. It all feels very grownup.

So as weird as it is not living with you anymore dear flatmate, I know that we will both be fine living separately and I look forward to hearing about your life living in a new city (even though it’s just the next town over).