Dear All, I feel like I have energy for things at the moment. You know that feeling of focus and a want to sort things. It’s rare but feels so good everytime it resurfaces. When I feel like this I tend to plan more and organise things in my life. I also look forward to […]

Between Christmas and NYE

Dear Boyfriend, Leaving Sweden behind is always a tad sad, however this time I was also very much looking forward to coming back to the UK. I’ve had a lovely few days with you, celebrating our belated Christmas together. You’re so good at finding me quirky little gifts and the surprise stocking in the morning […]


Dear All, Today I had planned on spending time getting to know this blog. That didn’t happen. Instead I finished work, then I spent the evening with my family. You see I don’t get to spend that much time with my family. Something that is self inflicted I have to admit, this as I moved […]

No 1

Dear All, First post and it might seem silly but I’m a bit scared. This is quite a big step for me, a blog being so personal, but I am looking forward to get stuck into it. I used to be quite a creative person but now all I seem to do when I have […]