Dear Mum

Snow day

Dear Mum,

Two days ago I had my first ever snow day! Can you believe it? A day where you get to stay at home due to snow.

It took me 27 years to get to this day!
That’s what happens when you move from a country that is used to dealing with lots of snow to one that isn’t.

However, I still had to work from home so I didn’t get the full enjoyment of my snow day.

I was incredibly excited to have enough snow for it to cover the ground again, it doesn’t happen a lot here and I do miss it a lot. Who doesn’t love playing around in snow?!

Actually quite a few I have discovered in the last few days…
But for someone that grew up loving winters with lots of snow it was heaven. So beautiful and bright and everything becomes so much quieter.

Shame it only lasted a couple of days, but I guess it is good for the nation as a whole. Things can now start to work as normal again.

Now I’m going to enjoy my Sunday before going back to a snowless week at work.