Dear All

Tomorrow = Reality

Dear All,

Today has been my last day of so called freedom, tomorrow it’s back to work and reality after the Christmas holiday.

That energy I was talking about yesterday has already started to fade. Trying to work out a way of keeping it with me for a while longer.

One thing that I feel helps is to stick to the chores I’ve set out for myself to do on any one day. The pride of getting them done helps fuel the energy.

So today I’ve kept on planning things, gone for a run and sorted some things in general. Now these things are done I can relax a bit, feel that pride and gather up some more energy.

I’m hoping for a good nights sleep tonight, need that to be able to fully focus on my first workday this year. At least it’s nice to know that it’s only a 3 day work week.

Focus on the positives and all that. I want to become better at that.

Now back to relaxing.