Dear Mum

Work focus

Dear Mum,

The last couple of day’s I have felt like a proper grown up.

Woke up early to publish a work thing at 7am, then went into my usual office and did a half day there.

Instead of having lunch I then jumped on the train to London, small suitcase in hand like all the proper business travellers. Got there sort of on time, trains not being that reliable, checked into a hotel and headed off to the London office. All because I was going to a work event that evening.

Back at the hotel at 11pm, straight to bed. Early into the office this morning and then stayed late.

This is not normal for me, but I’ve quite enjoyed it. I could never be one of those people that do this every day but once in a while it’s quite fun. Makes me feel productive.

And I got a hotel breakfast out of it! You know I love a good hotel breakfast.