I did it again

Dear all,  So I did it again, I just stopped and took forever to get back to it. I even some more posts written that I never ended up posting.  I don’t like that this is what I do, who I am. I find it hard to pick things up again after a break. Even […]

Another one, can you believe it?!

Dear All, In my last post I mentioned my struggle to post on here as I worry too much about if my content is perfect or not. It might seem silly but it can be so hard for me to get going with a post as I usually know how to start, there is something […]

Back again

Dear All, Right, so let’s try this again. New year new challenges and all that. It’s been a while since I typed anything out and lots has changed both with me and the world. And yet many things still feels so similar. I will assume as far as what’s currently going on in the world everyone […]

Happy and content

Dear Anxiety, My anxiety always goes up and down, as it has for the last couple of months. But despite this I am consistently feeling very happy and content with life so far this year. More so than usual. I don’t know why I’m feeling happier than normal but I’m not about to question it, […]

You’re moving in soon

Dear Boyfriend, Not long until you move in now. Only 48h to go and I am very excited. Last weekend was very productive with an IKEA trip resulting in a ton of furniture arriving on Sunday morning. Sunday will therefore be exclusively devoted to building as much of this as we can and you know […]

A little something about me

Dear all, So until a few days ago you might have noticed there have been a few months without any letters. I have anxiety and the last few months haven’t been the easiest. My anxiety has been more prominent than usual and as such I’ve spent my energy on the day to day things that […]

On my own

Dear flatmate,  Or should I now say ex-flatmate?! It’s now 24h since you moved out and it’s starting to feel weird. But I guess that’s just normal after three years of seeing each other all the time. I am actually quite looking forward to our weekend of cleaning this place now. Not so much for […]

End of the flatmate era

Dear Flatmate, And so we have reached the end of our time as flatmates. Tomorrow you move out. It is very odd to think about this being the end and I don’t think I have quite realised yet that we have reached this day. The summer has been going way too quickly. It might be […]

Work focus

Dear Mum, The last couple of day’s I have felt like a proper grown up. Woke up early to publish a work thing at 7am, then went into my usual office and did a half day there. Instead of having lunch I then jumped on the train to London, small suitcase in hand like all […]

Countdown to race day

Dear flatmate, It is the week of our 10k race! We have trained, sweated and loudly complained whilst training for this. But trained we have and we are actually ready for it. It will be my first proper race and I am actually excited now. Can’t believe that it has come around this quick. When […]