Dear All,

Right, so let’s try this again. New year new challenges and all that. It’s been a while since I typed anything out and lots has changed both with me and the world. And yet many things still feels so similar.

I will assume as far as what’s currently going on in the world everyone is aware. When it comes to myself I shall do a quick rundown: 

  • Still live with my boyfriend
  • We bought a house (yay!)
  • Still got anxiety but keeping it in check at the moment
  • Working from home due to current events

That’s the high level version of what my life looks like at the moment. 

I have had a longer draft of this post on my laptop for two weeks now and not posted it and I believe thanks to that I have figured out why I didn’t keep posting the first time around. I am too worried about it not being perfect. 

I have thought so many times about posting in the last couple of years but I never get around to it, and that is because I overthink everything. 

My original post was longer but it needed editing, so I’ve shortened it down instead of getting bogged down in those details as right now I think it’s better to just get into the swing of things with putting something live. I will do my best to catch you up on things as and when instead, no point in writing a wrap up post of the last few years if I never get it done and then don’t ever post anything going forward either. 

So welcome back, I will try my best to do better this time.