Dear Flatmate, 

I am now on my third night alone in the flat since you left for your month of adventure.

As much as I like my own space I feel like I have done this now. You can come back.

It is weird, I used to love my own company and having peace and quiet. Always imagined that I would have my own flat when moving out, that’s the Swedish thing to do, but with prices the way they are in the UK it was not an option. And now I can’t think of anything worse.

I love having a flatmate to come home to. This is of course being helped by having the most amazing flatmate. It’s just nice to have someone there to rewind with at the end of a long day.

So whilst I have somewhat enjoyed not having to worry about the dishes and have full access to the washing machine I wouldn’t mind this month going quickly so we can sit and drink tea and ignore the telly like normal.

Only 3,5 weeks to go.