Failed donation

Dear Flatmate,  Today I went to give blood. Only my third time doing so but first time on my own. Giving blood is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but then uni happened and it got postponed for no good reason really. But finally I have started and I book the next […]

Snow day

Dear Mum, Two days ago I had my first ever snow day! Can you believe it? A day where you get to stay at home due to snow. It took me 27 years to get to this day! That’s what happens when you move from a country that is used to dealing with lots of […]

Chilled Saturday

Dear all,  Breakfast in bed is happening right now. Having a lovely and chilled start to my day, all because I don’t have to go for a run today. Being organised and doing that earlier in the week has definitely paid off. Makes me think I should be organised more often… I still have some […]

Two years

Dear boyfriend,  Today we celebrate two years together! Who would have thought that some very odd first text messages would lead to this. I’m so happy that you are part of my life and now that you are it would be so weird to imagine it without you. Very soppy letter this but that is […]

Time away

Dear all,  Sometimes some time away is exactly what is needed. It’s now been a week since I came back after a long weekend away and I still live off the feeling that it has left me with. Some new scenery, discovering new adventures with someone I love is definitely something I want to do […]

Annual leave

Dear Boyfriend, Finally this Wednesday has come to an end, meaning that this work week has come to an end for us. Short work weeks for the win. Tomorrow we start our little mini holiday and I’m so excited. I’v been looking forward to spending a long weekend walking around exploring new places and eating […]


Dear Boyfriend, Tonight we are going to see your first ever musical. Hairspray wasn’t the musical I had planned on using to introduce you to this magical world of show. It was always meant to be Avenue Q, but if Hairspray is in town and my flatmate isn’t I’m afraid Hairspray it is. I remember […]


Dear Mum,  Yesterday we talked on the phone for over 2,5h without even realising. I love it when that happens. Talking about lots of random things, some subjects deeper than others, and time just flies. All of a sudden it’s 8 o’clock and I haven’t even had dinner yet. I left that conversation feeling energised and […]

Just me

Dear Flatmate,  I am now on my third night alone in the flat since you left for your month of adventure. As much as I like my own space I feel like I have done this now. You can come back. It is weird, I used to love my own company and having peace and […]

Tomorrow = Reality

Dear All, Today has been my last day of so called freedom, tomorrow it’s back to work and reality after the Christmas holiday. That energy I was talking about yesterday has already started to fade. Trying to work out a way of keeping it with me for a while longer. One thing that I feel […]